Dallas Developers Do Demos (with Kinect!


“Today’s inspirational 16 minute video is a overview of what 50 developers created in a 8 hour Kinect hack-a-thon. There are a number of interesting projects demo’d in this video. I think my favorite is the dog demo, but that could be because my dog is staring at me right now, looking for a treat (good dog… no, don’t eat the cat… good dog… wait until Mom’s left then you can eat the cat… good dog..). The Learning to Tell Time demo was also pretty cool too…

The point is is that developing stuff for the Kinect doesn’t have to be difficult, that in a bit of time, you, yes, I’m looking at you, can develop cool apps too…Dallas Kinect for Developers Demos

These are the applications that the developers put together in one day, after one day of labs.

Project Information URL: http://usergroup.tv/videos/dallas-kinect-for-developers-demos

-Sent from Weave for Windows Phone 7

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