True Knowledge

“Very basically we have created a technology which can represent the world’s knowledge in a form that is clear and accessible to humans, as well as being comprehensible to computers. This is different from the knowledge stored in websites and books, which is written in natural language that is good for humans, but incomprehensible to computers.

Watch the True Knowledge technology demonstration video.

Because it is so different it is hard to describe the technology by direct comparison with anything else: instead there are several completely valid ways of looking at it. These include:

A Question-Answering Site

One way of thinking about our technology is that it is a website where you can ask questions about any subject and get a direct response. Unlike human-powered Q&A sites, you don’t need to wait for someone to respond. The computer answers your question using knowledge stored in a form it can comprehend, and isn’t just regurgitating text that it doesn’t understand. For this reason it can answer questions it hasn’t seen before and can combine knowledge through a process of inference and cross-referencing stored information to produce a reasoned answer.

The Answer Engine – The Perfect Complement to Search

Another way of thinking about our technology is as the perfect complement to search. A user can treat our site just as you did your previous search engine, but in addition to receiving a list of documents, your query will also be passed through our technology – if we can help more directly we will. Your query may be a standard question; even if it isn’t, we may be able to work out what you are looking for and give you the answer directly, at the top of your screen. Because of the way facts are assessed you can enjoy a high degree of confidence that any information we retrieve will be accurate (unlike information on any single web page).”

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