Using the Kinect to build a NUI E-Book

: Using the Kinect to build a NUI E-Book

“In the second of our Ray double shot, today we check out a cool project where he’s created an “e-book” with the Kinect for Windows SDK. It’s not an e-book about the Kinect but with the Kinect!Kinect E-Book

So… have you ever wanted to make Reading more interesting for Key Stage 3? Or Anyone in fact? Well now you can!

I got speaking to Stuart Ball the other day and he had this amazing idea about creating a Kinect E-Book. The E-Book would allow you to use gestures to change pages etc… After a few nights hard work, I have come up with something that may be useful to someone. You can read out the book and you can also hover over pictures related to the story line. This will then play a sound effect based on the story.


Project Information URL:

Project Download URL:

Project Source URL:

Contact Information:Blog: Twitter: @Lanky_Boi_Ray”

-Sent from Weave for Windows Phone 7

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