Tobii Gaze controls Windows 8 with eye tracking!

Tobii Gaze controls Windows 8 with eye tracking (hands-on video)

“We just had the chance to sit down with Tobii’s Gaze eye tracking technology, which the company hopes will eventually be a mainstay in consumer electronics and be adopted by PC manufacturers in the years to come. The project is a direct result of research conducted in 2001 at Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology. Tobii had numerous Windows 8-based demos on hand to exhibit its futuristic tech, including a photo gallery that allowed us to navigate through pictures by shifting our glance and enlarge a chosen photo by focusing on it. A web browser demo scrolled automatically as our eyes read through the text on screen. That space-themed EyeAsteroids game we told you about previously was also on full display.

As for our initial…

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-Sent from Weave for Windows Phone 7

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